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School hours:

  • Grades 1 & 2 :  7.30 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
  • Grades 3 – 13  :   7.30 a.m. – 01.30 p.m.

School Attire: All students should wear the school uniform, school tie, covered white/black shoes and school socks. No jewelry other than a simple pair of ear studs and a wrist watch may be worn. Hair must not fall over the forehead, and those who have hair below shoulder level should wear two plaits and tie them with red ribbons.

When a student is absent consecutively for more than two days, the principal should be informed by letter giving a valid reason. If it is due to illness, a Medical Certificate has to be produced on her return to school. If a student requires to be absent from school for any reason other than illness, permission for such absence should be obtained in advance. Medical appointments and family functions should be as for as possible arranged outside school hours.

All students should be punctual. Prefects will record late entries in the record books of late-comers, and those who come to school late without valid reasons are liable to be punished.

Day scholars are not allowed to go out of the college once they enter the premises, till the closure of school. If they are sick or if they bring letters from parents, they could obtain permission from either the principal or a vice-principal and go home early with their parents or guardians.

Students travelling to and from school using modes of private or public transport are expected to be well behaved and not cause any annoyance to the public.

Mobile telephones, cameras and other related materials are not permitted for usage within the school premises. If such materials are found in the possession of a student, it will not be returned and appropriate action will be taken.

Any student whose conduct is found to be unsatisfactory or brings the school into disrepute in or outside the school, may be discontinued from school at the discretion of the management.

Students are expected to be courteous, considerate and show respect to teachers and elders.

Absence from school must always be endorsed by the parents or guardians in the ‘Student’s Record Book’. Students suffering from infectious diseases should stay away from school.

Permission for absence from school during the term will not be granted for a long period, and in case of being granted, will not be allowed for more than 2 weeks except in cases of illness. Any student who is absent from school for long periods without valid explanation or overstays her leave, is liable to have her name struck off from the register.

All students must participate in P.T., games and other co-curricular activities.

Any student who is absent from school will not be permitted to represent the college in any activity unless prior permission is obtained from the Principal. Further, this absence also debars them from attending any practices at school.

No student while in school will be permitted to join clubs or associations outside the school or represent any club or association in any game or activity unless prior written permission has been obtained from the Principal.

School property must be handled very carefully. Vandalism and wanton destruction of school property will be dealt with disciplinary action.

Students who come to school on their bicycles must obey the road rules. Parallel riding should be avoided.

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